Hand Tool Set Furniture Moving

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How to move without hurting your back?

Whether it's a move or a simple rearrangement of a room, moving heavy furniture is a tough job that cannot be done without help. Indeed, this work involves some risks to consider.

Move your heavy furniture without too much effort

Whether you are alone or with a loved one, a successful move is not easy, and never a relaxing experience! Moving an armchair in your living room, a bookcase in your bedroom or even worse, moving an entire house, it is necessary to redouble your efforts in order not to get too tired and above all, not to hurt yourself. Opt for the Furniture Removal Kit to make your task easier when the time comes to carry your most imposing pieces of furniture!

Le The essential kit for moving furniture   

Place the 4 Mover Roller under each corner of your furniture, to easily move heavy furniture, without risking damage to your flooring or your back. Simply lift, one by one, each corner of the furniture, then put them in place, soft side towards the floor. You can then slide your valuable accessory into place.

1. A set with one lifter and 4 wheels.
2. Red&black appearance design, dirt-proof and nice-looking.
3. Made of premium ABS and steel, not easy to rust.
4. The surface is plastic plating for better protection.
5. Antiskid handle for easy operation.
6. Suitable for furniture and big stuffs.
7. A nice tool kit making your house moving easier.
8. Compact size, easy storage, space saving.
9. Elegant appearance, fine workmanship, precise dimension.

Material: ABS+steel
Color: red
Lifter Length: 320mm
Single Wheel Size: 100*80mm

Package includes:
1 x Lifter
4 x Wheel

39.90 EUR 69.90 EUR
Vous économisez 30.00 EUR (42 %)